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Safety Testing & Inspection

Maintain compliance with state-mandated testing requirements and ensure the safe operation and functionality of your equipment.




Installation of New Equipment

We have the capability of installing new equipment to suit all of your needs and fit your budget. We also emphasize the use of non-proprietary equipment to ensure you have the freedom and flexibility you desire.



We provide a low cost/high satisfaction alternative to our larger competitors when bringing your existing equipment up to today's standards. We're willing to do the work (even if it's dirty) to bring your equipment up to today's standards. The other guys won't.

Service & Repair

We have a wealth of experience working with most manufacturers and can source or fabricate parts to get you back up and running at a significant cost savings compared to our competitors.

Routine Maintenance

We provide a number of maintenance services and offerings to ensure that we meet our customers' demands. Our comprehensive maintenance programs allow us to prevent problems or breakdowns before they escalate.

24-Hour Emergency Service

We're always on call and ready to come out should a problem arise. Our technicians live here and understand the proper sense of urgency your problems require.



Free Second Opinions

We understand that our competitors' expensive quotes and exorbitant bills can be extremely discouraging. We strive to offer a lower cost alternative and peace of mind.



Expert Trained Technicians

Our technicians undergo rigorous training and testing to be certified by the National Elevator Industry Educational Program and are proud members of The International Union of Elevator Constructors.

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